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A6 NCR Pads

We provide a fast, efficient NCR pad printing service for all your business forms. We print forms on carbonless paper and glue them into duplicate, triplicate, or quadruplicate pads. 

Pads are our most popular NCR product because they're cheaper and faster to print than books, and easier to handle than sets.  Pads are glued on one edge with backing board, and supplied with loose writing shields. Each sheet tears out as it is used. 

These can be printed single sided or double-sided (if you need to put terms and conditions on the back of each form).

  • Low minimum orders
  • Fast turnaround in 2-3 working days
  • All prices include free couriered delivery
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How it works

We'll need to have a file that we can print from.

Our prices are per design, so if you have 2 different forms, you'll need to make a separate order for each. 

Simply work out the total number of pads you would like, any options, and Add to Basket. You get 50 sets per pad, so if you order 10 pads, that's 500 sets (forms). 

During checkout, you'll be prompted to upload your file. If you'd like numbering, you'll be able to write a note to tell us the starting number (or any other instructions). 

We don't print anything automatically. We'll check your order, make sure we understand it, and email you a PDF proof for you to approve first. This will show the final layout as it would print, and allows you to check for any mistakes. 

Once you approve your PDF proof, we'll get started and email you once we've dispatched your order. 


If you're not sure, or would like something different, please email us for a quote instead. 


  • Pads contain 50 sets (forms) each. They are glued on the top edge on to backing board, and supplied with loose writing shields. Each form is torn out of the pad as it is used. 
  • NCR paper has a special coating that allows you to write on it, and have your writing copy over to the sheet(s) underneath. It stands for No Carbon Required, as it replaces the old carbon copy sheets of the past.
  • 2-part NCR is for duplicate forms. You get 2 sheets for each form, a white top sheet and a yellow copy sheet. 3-part NCR is for triplicate forms and produces two copy sheets. 4-part is for quadruplicate forms and produces three copy sheets. 
  • Sequential Numbering is where we print a unique number on each form. You can tell us the starting number and placement by typing a note during checkout.
  • Hole punching is where we drill 2 or 4 holes on the left long edge, for easy filing.

File Types

  • We accept most file types (eg: PDF, Microsoft Word / PowerPoint / Publisher, JPEG, TIFF), and we can resize your file for you. 
    Our ideal file type is a PDF saved with 'press quality' settings.
  • If you only have a paper copy, you can post it to us and we'll scan it in for free. 
  • If you don't have a design, you can download our simple invoice template, which you can edit to become an order form, quote, or anything you like.
    Alternatively, we offer a design service, with prices from £40 +VAT
  • We'll always personally check your file first, and send you a PDF proof to approve before printing.

Turnaround time

  • 2-3 working days from approval of PDF proof.

Uses for NCR forms

  • Order forms
  • Daywork sheets
  • Receipts and Invoices
  • Quotes and Estimates
  • School incident / Detention slips
  • Dental records
  • Medical / Tattoo consent forms
  • Vet / Equine practitioner record sheets
  • Evaluation forms
  • Stock take forms
  • Checklists
  • Waste transfer notes
  • Hazardous waste consignment notes
  • Duty of care sheets
  • Vehicle / HGV walkaround and defect reports
  • Car rental agreements