Dissertation printing tips

With Brunel University just around the corner from us, we’ve been printing dissertations for years.  Here are some tips that will help the whole process go just that little bit smoother:

Don’t leave it to the last minute!

It sounds obvious but please try and complete your dissertation at least a couple of days before it’s due.  We have had experience of students coming in with only an hour to spare, sometimes with a taxi waiting outside for them!  Allowing an extra day can give you that little bit of leeway just in case there is a problem with your file, or if you happen to spot a mistake with your content once it’s been printed.

Saving your document

Please double-check all the content looks correct and allow a large margin around each page.  If there is text that is too close to the edge, it might get cut off once it is bound.

Microsoft Word has a tendency to change margins, fonts and page breaks when you move a file from one computer to another.  To ensure we print your file exactly how you see it on your screen please save your file as a PDF at the highest quality setting. 

Sending us your file

The easiest way to send your file to us is to email it to us along with your specifications.  We’ll then check that it’s fine to print and we’ll email you a quote and a turnaround time.  If it’s too large for an email, please send it using our wetransfer page:  copycentre.wetransfer.com 

Alternatively, you can come into our shop with it saved on a memory stick and we can let you know the cost and what time it’ll be ready.

The type of binding and number of copies needed

Every university has different guidelines on how they would like you to present your dissertation so please check with them first.  We tend to be asked to print two single-sided comb bound copies.  We also offer wire and thermal tape binding, and all types of binding will come with a clear plastic front cover and white gloss card back cover.

Here is some more information on the different types of binding we offer.

And finally….relax!

Following these tips will give you a stress free experience and a well presented dissertation.  Good Luck from all of us at Original Copy Centre!


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