Designing a leaflet to print – 3 simple tips!

Designing a leaflet for print requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure a visually appealing and effective final product. In this blog post, we will provide you with three essential tips to keep in mind when designing a leaflet for print: choosing the correct size, keeping it simple and saving it as a PDF in press quality.

Choose the Correct Size:

  • Selecting the right size for your leaflet is essential to ensure its visibility and impact.
  • Consider the amount of content and images you want to include while maintaining readability.
  • Common sizes for leaflets include A4, A5, and DL (1/3 of A4).
  • Keep in mind the purpose of your leaflet and the distribution method when determining the appropriate size. For example, a DL size might be suitable for handing out in person, while an A4 size could work well for mailing or displaying on notice board

Keep it Simple:

  • Simplicity is key when it comes to designing a leaflet. Avoid cluttering the layout with excessive text or too many images.
  • Focus on the key message and keep the content concise and easy to understand.
  • Utilise white space effectively to create a clean and organized layout, allowing the reader’s eye to navigate the information effortlessly.
  • Choose a font that is legible and matches the overall tone and style of your brand.

Save as a PDF in Press Quality:

  • Once your design is complete, it’s crucial to save your leaflet as a PDF file in press quality.
  • Saving as a PDF ensures that the file maintains its formatting, fonts, and colours across different devices and printing processes.
  • Opt for the press quality setting to ensure high-resolution images and graphics, suitable for professional printing.
  • This format also helps avoid any potential compatibility issues that may arise when sharing files with printing services.

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