Foamboard printing: new reduced prices

We’ve just launched Foamboard mounted posters on our website, with new reduced prices. We’ve recently invested in machines that allow us to produce these much faster and cheaper.

What is Foamboard?

Foamboard is a ultralight material made of very thin plastic with a 5mm foam core. The core is a bit like polystyrene, but finer and stronger. It’s really good for indoor displays as it’s so light, yet easy to cut, drill and mount prints on to.

Foamboard is not the same as Foamex. Foamex is made of solid plastic, is heavier, and is suited for outdoor signage. We only print on Foamboard (sometimes called foamcore), which is very light and for indoor use only.



Popular uses for foamboards

The thickness of foamboard makes it really stand out on a wall, and it’s good for exhibitions, graphic panels, and indoor shop and window displays.

Foamboards are also the most popular choice for wedding table plans, as they can be rested on a wall or displayed on a stand or easel. Sometimes it’s not practical to pin up a poster in a venue, and so foamboard mounted posters are a good display alternative.

Small foamboards (A4 – A3) are also useful for sales pitches and presentations, as they can be easily carried and held by hand. Larger ones (A2 – A1) can be displayed on a stand. Powerpoint files are not a problem for us to print from.  

How we print foamboards

All our foamboards now have a matt plastic film finish, which is scratch resistant. This is vastly superior to unlaminated foamboards, which are very prone to marking. We think it even looks nicer and clearer than matt laminated foamboards.

We print with UV fade-resistant inks, and the print quality is excellent. Please note that although the print is water resistant, foamboards are for indoor use only. 

To order online, please visit our Foamboard Poster page. If you prefer, you can also email us directly for a quote, and we’ll get back to you shortly. 


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